5 ways to engage website visitors

4 min readNov 30, 2021


If you’re not engaging, you’re not selling!

Attracting visitors to your website is not easy if you try to do it without the help of professionals. The recipe for success starts with a well-designed website providing a seamless user experience. Then you need to add in some well-researched SEO content that gets the nod of approval over at Google. And to really make the most of your site with increasing visitors, you’ll need to launch online marketing campaigns (and monitor them).

And the work doesn’t stop there. There is no guarantee that getting people on your website will result in sales — unless you can make your website engaging and conversion-driven. So, how can you make a website engaging to visitors?

Read on to find out, or speak with the WEBPRO team to get instant solutions to your website’s poor engagement rate.

First, reduce your bounce rate

The average website surfer will spend three seconds waiting for a web page to load before giving up, which contributes to a quicker website bounce rate. If you fail at the first hurdle, your engaging content won’t even be seen.

This is why WEBPRO create websites that work fast and are fully compatible across devices. With 52% of the world now accessing websites from smartphones, we are on top of the latest trends for our clients. Make sure your site is fast, free from bugs and works on both smaller and larger screens!

Start using video content

Another way to disengage your website audience quickly is to greet them with walls of text on every page. If you have chunky paragraphs or don’t use headings, don’t expect them to hang around.

It’s convenient and entertaining for visitors to digest some of your content through video. You can make a difference by explaining your products or services, or more about your business, through videos. You don’t need to put a video on every page, but a single video on your homepage or service page will keep people looking at your site longer. And the added benefit is that video is great for your Google ranking.

Not an expert at creative video content? No problem! Leave it to our video editors and the creative professionals at WEBPRO.

Upgrade your visuals

Most websites use licensed stock images to break up text and add aesthetic appeal to the site. But at certain pages and focus points, you should be going one better.

For example, you could insert an image slideshow to your home page to add movement and animation. A slideshow is excellent for showcasing your main products, particularly if you add promotional text to your images. Moreover, your staff profile page should include professional images. Asking staff to submit their own selfies from their smartphone camera is not a good look. It detracts from a professional website and can make your brand look lazy. Instead, use an expert photographer to maintain your site’s professionalism.

If you want an image slideshow, graphics or professional photography added to your website, WEBPRO can provide these services.

Social media feeds

If your business has a social media presence — which it should — you can link your socials to your website to make it more engaging. Our developers can interlace the two by implementing a live social media feed. Every time you update your status, the same update will appear on a live feed on your homepage or in your website footer.

In doing so, you are constantly updating your website without added effort, and giving more useful content to your site visitors.

Create personalised experiences

Your website must appeal to everyone within your target market. So how can you provide a personalised experience? It’s not easy, but it is possible in some industries. The financial industry is one niche that can personalise website experiences and increase engagement through financial calculators. A financial calculator is used to give tailored information based on the user’s input, typically for loans, credit cards, tax planning or mortgages.

If you work in finance and don’t have a financial calculator on your site, you’re losing out. Speak with our developers to create these personalised web experiences for visitors.

Recap: Your website needs to be quick and work across devices to maintain engagement and have a chance of securing clients and sales. But speed is not the only way to help your site convert more. You can increase engagement with video content, image slideshows, professional photography and financial calculators too.

P.S. WEBPRO professionals can provide all of the services listed above. From explainer videos for your homepage to financial calculators, our solutions will make your site more engaging.




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