5G ramifications for websites

4K web templates and AR websites — the future of web design?

Web designers have always been limited and liberated by internet connections. As internet speeds get faster and latency reduces, websites can become bigger, better and bolder.

So how will the rollout of 5G connectivity improve a modern website? Here we discuss the details of 5G and how it differs from commonplace 4G connections. Learn how fast 5G really is and how it could benefit future websites and consumers.

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What is 5G?

Most devices provide 4G internet connections at the moment, but the vast majority of us do not own 5G devices just yet. It is anticipated that around 1.5 billion people will have access to a 5G enabled device by 2025. In the UK, some smartphone providers offer 5G connections already.

How much faster is 5G?

Another statistic to be aware of is to do with latency, which is the time between sending information and it arriving, such as loading a website page. Current 4G latency speeds are around 50 milliseconds. Super quick, right? Not as quick as the five milliseconds that 5G promises!

5G facilitating 4K video websites

Could 5G create augmented reality websites?

But, this same technology could be implemented into websites and used to increase website functionality. Imagine you are shopping for clothes in the future of 5G. You could look up a product on your smartphone and utilise the on-site augmented reality to see what you would look like wearing the clothes you’re interested in.

What should I do today?

For the time being, you should be making sure your website loads swiftly, and looks and performs just as effectively across all devices and screen sizes. Tick these off to ensure you’re not losing clients because of your website. If you’re unsure if your website is working quickly enough, why not ask a professional?

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Recap: Website development can become better alongside the expansion of 5G connectivity. Some of the benefits of 5G may include 4K videos, 4K video website templates and augmented reality functionality within the website itself. But as 5G is not yet widely available, it’s important to make websites that cater to the masses, which must be fast-loading and optimised across all devices.

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