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Website traffic is a term you’ve probably heard before, and you’re likely to guess what it means. But do you know why website traffic is important and how to increase it? Read on to uncover the details.

What is website traffic and why is it important?

Website traffic is simply the number of internet users who visit your website over a specified period of an hour, day, week, month or even a year. Website traffic is typically measured in the number of visits, usually termed as sessions. Website traffic can be dissected further to identify how many visitors returned to your website after their first visit, how long visitors spend on your site and which pages they visit.

Website traffic is an important metric because it can be used to judge the success of your site and your business’s online presence. Simply put, if you have more people dropping by, you statistically increase the chance of securing more sales or contact requests. The data can also be used to assess the implementation of new digital marketing strategies to see if they are making a difference.

Which brings us on to…

How to increase website traffic

We’ve just given away the first of many ways to increase website traffic — digital marketing. Running strategic and targeted online marketing campaigns can increase your website traffic. This includes Google Ads, social media ads, email marketing (newsletters!), and more. Our WEBPRO marketing experts can assist with any of these campaigns to drive traffic to your website and maximise sales potential.

Alongside digital marketing, increasing website traffic comes down to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which is a way to optimise your website for Google search result pages. If you feature higher on these pages, more Google users are likely click on your site. How often do you go to Google’s second page, really?

SEO can be achieved through a range of techniques, including:

1. Website SEO audits to discover SEO key phrases and immediate fixes
2. SEO website content and SEO blogs, product descriptions, etc. (using those key phrases!)
3. Making sure the website is fast and functional
4. Relevant internal linking throughout
5. Video content
6. Making sure the website works across devices

How to monitor website traffic

The #1 way to monitor your website traffic is using Google Analytics. This is the gold standard for website data. Google Analytics can be utilised to monitor all types of website traffic and returning traffic.

If you have launched a new campaign or updated your website with SEO conten t, you should use this to see the value of your investment. However, be aware that traffic is not likely to jump overnight. Some things like SEO web page content can only reap the rewards many weeks or months in the future as Google catches up.

Which web pages are important?

Every page on your website is important to provide an overall pleasant user experience and to give a professional image. However, some pages do attract more attention than others, such as product and service pages.

One page that gets more attention than website owners realise is the company about page. Potential clients want to know more about you and your business ethos and this has never been so true for millennial and Generation Z prospects.

For this reason, make sure you employ the same attention to detail to this page. One way to make an impact here is to use professional photographers for staff headshots and to make sure you update the information here regularly.

Still struggling with web traffic?

If you have a professional website but hope for better results, why don’t you consider filling your site with potential clients through SEO services and digital marketing?

WEBPRO offers SEO audits, SEO content, and a wide range of marketing services from social media to landing pages and much more. Our team will devise, implement and monitor all of your strategies to maximise your returns. Speak with us soon!

Recap: Using Google Analytics, you can monitor your website traffic and returning visitors. This is important to see how well your website is currently performing. If you want to increase your number of visitors to maximise sales potential, you should be considering digital marketing and SEO services.

P.S. Remember that some SEO and marketing services will take longer to increase your number of website visitors. Think long-term!




Notoriously knowledgable, intuitive & talented web professionals who’ve got all your online marketing needs covered. Web design & development… and much more.

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Notoriously knowledgable, intuitive & talented web professionals who’ve got all your online marketing needs covered. Web design & development… and much more.

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