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Are electronic newsletters dead?

Spoiler: We’re not writing from beyond the grave!

Some people think electronic newsletters are dead. But electronic newsletters can still be used to maintain connections with clients and prospects — and they can save you money on having to source new leads.

Using newsletters as a way to provide clients and prospects with valuable content can also feed into your website blog — or vice versa — allowing you to kill two content birds with one stone.

Read on to uncover the further benefits of using newsletters, and learn about our design and copywriting team who could finesse your content strategy.

What are electronic newsletters?

Electronic newsletters usually fail when they only send out updates about products and services. Their sales-driven focus doesn’t provide the recipient with any true value. For example, sending a newsletter about a new line of jumpers is not as beneficial as sending out an email about top tips to prevent jumpers from fraying in the wash, and then mentioning a new upcoming line of jumpers.

The modern electronic newsletter is a vehicle for content that is more than just new products and services — and that’s why electronic newsletters are not dead.

The benefits of electronic newsletters

  1. Newsletters with value can show your expertise and reputability
  2. Newsletters could be used to feed your website blog content
  3. Newsletters are a way to stay connected over the year (and not be forgotten)
  4. Newsletters can provide readers with an element of exclusivity, such as limited discounts and offers, showing they are valued by your business
  5. Newsletters could get more views than your website blog
  6. Newsletters are a low-cost marketing and lead generation tool

Important considerations when using newsletters

In fact, you might want to invest in WEBPRO’s professional newsletter creation. Our talented graphic designers can create something which will tick all of the right boxes and our developers can then build a template within your chosen newsletter platform. We can even offer our copywriters to ensure your newsletter tone matches your marketing intentions.

Merging newsletters and other content strategies

By adjusting the same content across platforms, you can maximise your brand reach and content output with less effort than it would take to create new content for each channel. But don’t just copy and paste the same content without care. You may need to edit the content for SEO purposes and other reasons.

What platform can help streamline content?

Sometimes taking the time to create a newsletter and edit it ready for your website blog can be labour intensive, especially if you don’t know what works and doesn’t on each medium. For support and assistance in this area, reach out to our team.

Recap: Electronic newsletters should still be used as part of your content strategy as a way to boost sales. However, they can be made more worthwhile by using the newsletter content to recreate website blogs and even press releases. You might want to consider Mailchimp to manage your mailing lists and send out your newsletters and here at WEBPRO, we can design and build a professional template for you to use which looks great and fits with your brand.

P.S. You can outsource your newsletter and blog creation to WEBPRO. Our professional copywriters will match your brand tone and business needs.

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