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Are you on “the” Facebook?

Social media is the cheat code for more website traffic!

Remember the early days of social media when you would ask new friends or work colleagues if they were on “the” Facebook? It sounds a bit goofy, right? And you probably wouldn’t need to ask most people if they have a Facebook account today.

But some businesses still haven’t caught up with the times. By not being on social media — or not doing it properly — those businesses could be throwing away new clients each month. That’s why Forbes called social media a ‘marketing maverick’.

Social media is the cheat code for more website visitors, which in turn could mean more sales, bigger brand recognition and soaring profits. Under the surface, it’s not really all about likes, shares and comments. So, why wouldn’t you be on “the” Facebook? Let’s chat more.

Why your business should be on social media

Your business should have a social media account because nowadays, people expect you to have one. With so many businesses choosing to use social media as a platform to release content, start discussions and solve client queries, they have fostered a social media expectation among everyone.

Your social media becomes a place for potential buyers and clients to check you out and see what others have been saying about you (and maybe how you responded to public questions or criticisms). In some regard, it has become a reliable source of information that can convert leads — or put them off completely.

So, if you choose not to join in and your leads cannot find you, they will start to search for your competitors that did decide to create and maintain social media accounts.

Social media as a gateway to your website

Social media marketing, or even just owning a social media account with your website address stated, is an effective and easy way to divert social media traffic to your product and service pages. It has become one of the best ways to boost your website numbers, which then positively affects your website’s SEO rating to boot.

Don’t half-heart your social media presence

Instead, here is what you need:

  1. Frequent posting and updates
  2. Efficient responses
  3. Correct grammar and spelling
  4. Excellent visuals and possibly videos
  5. Coherence with your brand

“We don’t have time for social media.”

When outsourcing your social media management, make sure you choose someone who knows what they are doing and has experience running social media for businesses. The whole scene includes lots of banana skin moments and secret methods to get the best ROI.

WEBPRO offers expert social media services

Speak with our team to discuss your options. We’ll even help you decide which social media channel(s) to use first based on your industry and target audience.

Recap: Consumers now expect you to have at least one social media account they can use to verify you or ask questions. If you don’t, they will quickly move to your competitor. But it’s not just about getting more likes and answering queries. Social media for businesses is an easy way to supercharge your website visitors and increase potential sales.

P.S. Most companies are scared of starting social media accounts because they don’t know what to do. WEBPRO can make your social media work less daunting.

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