Are you prepared for a website security breach?

With the a sharp rise in website security breaches, is your site protected?

When it comes to online security breaches, you might naturally think of government websites or big players with lots of user information to harvest.

However, security breaches really can happen to any website — including yours. The number of reported cases is rising every year, with many being seemingly pointless attacks, but ones that can really harm your online business.

Sites built on easy-to-use website platforms such as WordPress, are particularly prone to attack, due to the limited security protection in place. We’ve seen the impact this can have on a business first-hand.

Below we’ve summarised how breaches can occur and the different actions you can take to protect your business:

One of the best ways to protect your website is by running a regular security audit to check the level of protection you have in place. It means analysing each area of your website and considering what impact a breach could have on your business. This might seem like a complex task, and it can be, however by using the services of WEBPRO you can ensure this is done correctly and that your website is protected.

We’re increasingly seeing cyberattacks becoming more and more creative. This poses a risk to all businesses and their relationship with their clients. As previously mentioned, WordPress is particularly prone to this issue. Many feel because they’re using a reputable website platform, that their website will naturally be protected. However, the platform is notoriously easy to hack. Thankfully our experienced online security team can advise on the best solution and are able to act quickly if any issues do arise.

With so many cyberattacks happening every second, it’s less of a case of if your site will be targeted and more a case of, when? You need a plan in place should the worst happen, to protect your business’ reputation and the information of your clients. At WEBPRO we can help you put a cybersecurity plan in place and be proactive in identifying any weak points on your website.

If you have a bricks and mortar premises, then you’ll have likely made an investment in your security system. It’s essential that you think about your online business in the same way. It’s estimated that businesses are expected to grow their cybersecurity budgets over the next few years by up to 15% to counteract the increase in security breaches.

If e-commerce forms part of your website, then you have a responsibility to your clients to protect any information they provide. Never underestimate the value of user data to a potential attacker. Our range of protection services can help give you the peace of mind you need.

We know talking about cybersecurity and the risk of potential attacks can be unsettling. However, unfortunately it is a real issue that needs tackling. Luckily you have the WEBPRO team on your side.

No matter what platform your website is built on, we offer a range of different support contracts, which includes providing security updates to protect your website. We can tailor a package to your needs and budget, so you don’t have to worry about spiralling costs.

Together let’s get proactive and tackle any cybersecurity issues before they happen!

PS: Website security breaches are increasing, protect your website with a security package from WEBPRO.



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