Business blogging explained for Joe Bloggs

Business blogs — not just words on a screen!

Blogs are often cast aside by the marketing department. But we’re here to explain why blogs should be given the same attention as your other marketing campaigns. Let’s dive straight in.

What is business blogging?

Business blogging is different from other types of blogging because the overarching aim of spending time (and money!) on a business blog is to generate brand recognition and make more sales. Business blogs should be viewed as another marketing strategy with the potential for lucrative returns.

Many businesses will create blogs for their business website, but then repurpose them as newsletters within email marketing campaigns, allowing them to kill two marketing birds with one stone.

Blogging highlights your industry expertise

In doing so, you can then position your business and brand as leaders in this area, which in turn helps to attract self-employed mortgage seekers. Of course, you don’t have to specialise in one area and could produce informative blogs on all aspects of your industry.

What’s the deal with Google and blogs?

Let’s paint a picture of this using our previous example. You might write a blog titled Can You Get a Mortgage if You’re Newly Self-Employed? This question is currently one of the most frequently asked on Google in regards to mortgages for self-employed people. By writing an SEO-optimised (we’ll come back to this shortly) blog on the subject, you stand a chance of capturing some people searching this question or related terms, which adds traffic to your site. More traffic equals more potential for sales.

But it’s never as simple as this. Your blogs should be SEO-optimised with SEO keyword research, excellent readability, title tags and much more. This is why you can often get better returns on your blogging investment by getting support from an SEO creative agency like WEBPRO.

Blogging for sales

Your business blogs should include links to product or service web pages relevant to the blog you are writing. These can be inserted anywhere throughout the text, or as a call to action at the end. For our fictional mortgage adviser and their self-employed mortgage post, they should be looking to insert a link from this blog to their mortgage services pages, preferably a self-employed mortgage service page.

There is some crossover here because adding links will also boost your blog’s SEO rating. It’s nice when things come together like that.

But I haven’t got time to write blogs…

WEBPRO offers SEO blogging services for all types of businesses across the UK. And if you haven’t got a blog on your website yet, we can assist with that too!

Recap: Business blogging should be seen as another marketing campaign within your website. It should involve creating informative content that positions your business as an industry leader and offer SEO and selling benefits. Outsourcing your blogging needs is just like outsourcing other marketing projects — you can expect better ROI with professionals on board!

P.S. WEBPRO offers SEO content writing services to assist with all your blogging needs. From SEO research to publication, we have all steps covered!

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