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Don’t ruin your website with a badly designed logo

Your logo might be restricting your website’s performance!

Your logo might be restricting your website’s performance!

If you’ve invested in an awesome website, don’t ruin it by sticking with an outdated logo that isn’t crisp or tailored to your new site. In the past, we’ve noticed some clients try to avoid the need for a new logo because they think it isn’t necessary.

Seven reasons you need a professional logo

A logo may seem like a small part of your business, but it is important for so many reasons. Here are seven reasons why every business requires a professionally designed logo:

  1. Logos are often a part of your first impression
  2. Logos are a core component of your branding
  3. The best logos are memorable and recognisable (there are even board games where you have to guess the logo!)
  4. A well-designed logo will separate you from the competition
  5. Consumers prefer consistency and your logo can provide that across your platforms and marketing materials
  6. And of course, it is simply expected by consumers

What makes a professional logo?

We’ve covered why you should have a professional logo, but what makes a logo professional? What is the difference between having a go yourself and paying a professional to create your logo for you?

Bad logos can restrict website design!

Here’s the biggie…

What else should you expect from professional logo design?

Professional logo services aren’t just about good graphic designers and marketing experts. You should also receive a personalised service where your creative agency tries to get to know more about your business and your logo vision. If they’re not asking questions about your business and expectations then be concerned.

WEBPRO offers expert logo design

If you want personalised logo design services from a combination of graphic design experts and marketers, look no further than WEBPRO. We have designed and created some exceptional logos that are looking fantastic on our clients’ websites. Get in touch to discuss your’s!

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