Embracing technology to grow your business

Innovative ways to grow your business!

Growing your business doesn’t always have to be about the in-season marketing strategy or new SEO service. Although these types of services are proven to increase sales when done right, they’re not your only option.

You could embrace existing technologies and use them in unique or left-field ways to boost brand engagement, website visitors and sales. Below you will find three ways to grow your business that you probably haven’t considered.

#1 Start podcasting

Podcasts are fast becoming one of the most popular mediums of entertainment in the modern age. In 2022, research suggests that 51% of us listen to podcasts regularly. And nothing is stopping you and your business from getting involved.

You could create a business podcast about your industry or even about something completely unrelated to your niche. If the podcast generates enough listeners, you could post all your new podcasts on your website to increase website visitors and boost SEO. Start recording or set up a tripod and give it a go.

If a podcast sounds a little too daunting, then why not start webinars with other industry leaders. These webinars could be streamed or uploaded to your website as well!

#2 Become a business influencer

Many business owners are creating content through blogs, YouTube and social media to provide valuable information to their market — and they’re generating lots of attention. You could even argue that they’re becoming business influencers.

The key is to provide real value to people consuming your content so it can enrich their lives and solve their problems. You can then subtly promote your business products or services within your content, without going overboard. Remember to provide value first and to promote your business a distant second.

#3 Create engaging videos

Video content can be the catalyst to significantly grow your business. Start making videos and add them to your website to keep visitors engaged for longer and to make your messages effective.

Two fantastic ideas for a website video include explanation videos to explain how products and services work, or a behind-the-scenes type video to put an office and faces to your brand. This can build trust and improve website conversion rates overnight.

Remember to measure your growth!

If you’re trying to grow your business it’s important to make your aims measurable. One of the easiest ways to measure growth online is by using Google Analytics, a tool that can measure a wide variety of website metrics.

One of the most useful pieces of data you can extract from Google Analytics is your number of website visitors. It’s essential to track this information as you implement new strategies or start something new to grow the business. WEBPRO can assist you with setting up your own Google Analytics account if you ever need support.

Get WEBPRO help to get started

Not every business owner has the know-how to pick up the latest technologies and create a video or add a podcast to their website. And that’s okay because WEBPRO is on hand to help. Our creative team are looking to help businesses with the most unique and ambitious projects. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need our help to create a website video or become the next big business influencer.

Recap: Most businesses are competing in a crowded industry and scores of competitors with sleek websites. To drive traffic to your website and grow your business, it might be time to think outside of the box. Instead of only sticking to proven marketing services, why not do something different? Put your head above the parapet and start a podcast, webinar, create videos or try to become an industry influencer.

P.S. You can still get all your regular digital marketing services from WEBPRO. We’re here whenever you want to push your business to the next level.



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