Flexibility in marketing — what, why, how?

It’s like yoga for your online marketing!

Before you launch any marketing strategy, you should have a detailed plan for the campaign and what you hope to achieve. You should also be willing to monitor the performance of your online marketing to adapt it when necessary. Most businesses tick off these boxes but do not afford their online marketing with enough flexibility.

What is marketing flexibility and why does it matter? Learn the key answers to these questions here.

What is flexibility in marketing?

Flexibility in marketing is simply when you have a marketing strategy and a carefully considered plan, but the plan is flexible. This could be having secondary content to use in a specific situation, changing your campaign’s location to explore an emerging opportunity, or allocating part of your marketing budget to pay for anything that needs changing during the strategy.

The best marketing plans monitor the performance of each strategy as they unfold, making it easy to identify areas to change and improve. Flexibility in marketing with a reserve marketing budget will allow you to make these adjustments swiftly and without cash flow issues.

What’s the opposite of marketing flexibility?

The opposite of marketing flexibility is a rigid marketing plan. This is when your marketing strategy is set in stone and will not be changed no matter what happens.

In these plans, it is typical for the marketing department to use all of their budget. Rigid marketing strategies exhibit high levels of confidence that the plan will work well, which may please some, but they leave the business open to failure in the event of new marketing trends or changes inside and outside the business.

Why is flexibility in marketing important?

Flexibility in marketing is crucial because it allows your business to quickly adapt to changing landscapes. 2020 was a prime example of this as more businesses needed to adjust their marketing campaigns to account for changes in the way the business operated and the way products and services were provided.

But flexibility in marketing is not only for once-in-a-century events. It is constantly important to ensure you are able to adapt your business’ campaigns in line with industry changes, new regulations you must abide by, advertising laws, and of course, your new products and services.

If you don’t have flexibility in marketing, you could be restricting the success of your business in the immediate and long-term future.

How to achieve flexibility in marketing

From a budget perspective, flexibility in marketing can be achieved by allocating a proportion of your marketing budget for ad-hoc services and changes. To do this effectively you could discuss ways that your marketing plan could change and draw up provisional costs for these changes. However, sometimes changes to your plan will be unforeseen and there should always be something left in the budget to cover this.

Another way to achieve flexibility in marketing is to use a professional marketer. Professionals can assist with marketing flexibility efficiently because they are up to the minute on changes, more likely to monitor ongoing marketing performance and will step in when action is needed.

If you are trying to market yourself while also running a business, you might not be able to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Professionals like WEBPRO can do this for you, leaving you free to do what you do best.

Should I use an industry-specific marketer?

If you require marketing flexibility for external reasons, such as legislation changes rather than internal product and service changes, it could be beneficial to use an industry-specific marketer. These people will be knowledgeable of upcoming industry alterations so you don’t waste money on campaigns without legs.

WEBPRO includes a team of marketers with expertise and experience in a wide range of industries. If you want a professional marketer to provide ongoing services with foresight and flexibility, contact our team.

Recap: Businesses are walking a tightrope by not affording themselves marketing flexibility. Their marketing campaigns can soon become irrelevant and ineffective without the ability to change quickly and within budget. Allocating a reserve marketing budget and using professional marketing services will help you achieve marketing flexibility and get more from your investment.

P.S. WEBPRO offers a wide range of online marketing services with ongoing support and expert recommendations over the life of your campaign.