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Good content is more than just words

Don’t waste a beautiful website with low-quality visual content!

When we think about content, we typically think of words, whether they be in the form of website content, product descriptions, press releases, SEO blogs or even white papers. But content stretches much further than this to include the visual as well as the written. Here we discuss the latest trends in content creation and how your business should be keeping up.

And remember, whether you need copywriting or graphic design services, WEBPRO is always on hand to support your business!

Is written content still important?

You need content writers who are able to stir emotion within the reader and to highlight benefits and product USPs effectively to make the reader react. Poorly composed written content can send potential leads packing — and straight to your competitors.

Moreover, written content can produce ongoing SEO benefits that put your website above your competitors on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), which improves your chances of making sales.

Where excellent websites fall down

You also need to consider the quality of the image content on your website. In most instances, choosing the right licensed stock images will create a professional aesthetic. But areas of your site that need a bit more attention are your staff profile images or any images of local places of interest — both of which we would really recommend to add a bit of personalisation to your website. Here you will need to overlook stock images and use professional photos to maintain a professional image.

Popping out with your camera or getting staff to submit their own photos using low quality cameras could be causing your website to give the wrong impression.

So, is it just about professional images?

Graphic designers who can work closely with web designers are your best bet because they can communicate about dimensions and striking the right balance on each page. That’s why WEBPRO makes designing websites a joint effort by including all of our talented professionals on each project.

But in 2021, it’s not just about professional unique images.

There are other types of visual content that can take your website up a level and maximise your chances of making sales. Do you already know what they are?

Videos are now essential

Video is powerful because it helps to pass on complex information easily and increases engagement compared to long pieces of written content. Even the animated movement of a video can spring an ordinary website to life and catch the eye.

Another core benefit of including video content on your website is the SEO benefit. Including a video on your website typically keeps site visitors on your website page for longer. This helps you score points with Google and can improve your SERP rankings.

The Graphic trend of 2021

Our WEBPRO team have recently worked on adding graphics to a client’s landing page, which broke up this type of longer content and created an interesting narrative.

Recap: Effective written content and SEO copywriting remains essential to your website and marketing materials. However, you should not be abandoning visual content or settling for poor quality images. Instead, consider professional graphic design services to create unique professional images or graphics for your website. And to keep up with the latest trends, you should consider explainer videos too. When done properly they all provide excellent ROI.

P.S. WEBPRO can assist with all your written and visual content needs. We are always here to help your business adapt to new content trends from landing page content to website images, graphics and videos.

Notoriously knowledgable, intuitive & talented web professionals who’ve got all your online marketing needs covered. Web design & development… and much more.

Notoriously knowledgable, intuitive & talented web professionals who’ve got all your online marketing needs covered. Web design & development… and much more.