Have you considered branded stationery?

4 min readSep 26, 2023

There are many ways to increase your brand recognition through events, marketing, community engagements and more. Yet, one of the most overlooked but effective ways to empower your brand is through internal and external business stationery. What do we mean by this and what are the benefits? Read on to find out.

Why is brand recognition important?

Brand recognition is when an individual can recognise your business when confronted with just one aspect of the brand. The most common test of brand recognition is through the company logo. If a business and its products or services can be recognised through its logo alone, it’s a sign that the business has a highly recognised brand. For example, if we were to say the phrase “golden arches” to you, you will probably start thinking of the McDonald’s logo and maybe your favourite order.

The main benefits of increased brand recognition are:

  • Your brand is easily trusted
  • Your products and services are held in higher regard
  • You can more easily grow your business
  • You usually find it easier to make sales

Increasing brand recognition does not have to be on the same scale as global businesses like McDonald’s. It’s beneficial to increase brand recognition for businesses of all sizes, even if you are just a small business operating in your local community. All businesses can benefit.

How to increase brand visibility

There are several ways to increase brand visibility and you’ll usually get better results the more you get involved with. Here are some common methods:

  1. Get involved with local events
  2. Network as the business owner
  3. Sponsor local teams and non-profit events
  4. Engage in a variety of marketing strategies (but choose the right ones!)
  5. Market your brand rather than just products and services

One of the most overlooked yet simple ways to increase brand visibility — and therefore brand recognition — lies in business stationery. It’s easy to add a consistent brand to business cards, letterheads and even office supplies without breaking the bank. However, it’s still recommended to have your designs made by a professional brander or graphic design expert to maintain a professional image or your efforts could backfire.

Business stationery ideas for your brand

Business stationery may be internal or external, although internal stationery can easily become external stationery… allow us to explain.

Internal business stationery could be stationery that has been branded and is used exclusively within the business by employees, such as internal posters and signage or branded forms that are only used internally. Using branded stationery in-house can enhance internal branding and even heighten the collective mentality within the business. The stationery is a subtle way to create a team atmosphere. It’s also often the case that some internal stationery, such as branded pens or headed notepaper, may end up in employees’ houses and further afield, which brings us to external branded stationery.

External branded stationery is your branded stationery that is made to be given away to people not working within the business, especially prospective clients. For example, you may hand over your business card during a meeting or present a quotation on branded stationery. This branded stationery works similarly to offline marketing methods like flyers. They circulate around the community and keep your brand recognised and in the minds of potential clients. They often get seen by people other than the person who originally received the stationery, increasing your reach without you having to do anything.

WEBPRO’s business stationery branding services

Our creative team can design branded stationery that is always consistent with your existing brand. We have in-house branders, marketers and graphic designers who join forces to create exceptional branded stationery. For further information about our stationery branding services, don’t hesitate to contact WEBPRO.

Recap: Increasing brand visibility can be achieved through various methods such as participating in local events, networking as the business owner, sponsoring local teams and non-profit events and implementing effective marketing strategies. However, one often overlooked yet powerful approach to boosting brand visibility is through the use of internal and external business stationery. By incorporating consistent branding on business cards, letterheads and office supplies, a business can subtly reinforce its brand identity both within the organisation and externally. Whether it’s enhancing internal branding or reaching prospective clients through branded stationery giveaways, this simple and cost-effective tactic can significantly contribute to increased brand recognition and market presence.


Some colours increase brand recognition by up to 80%!




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