Have you considered webinars and podcasts?

3, 2, 1 — Action!

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to stand out against their competitors. But very few are taking advantage of the surging popularity of webinars and podcasts. It’s estimated that over a third of the UK population now listen to podcasts frequently, and this number is expected to grow.

But why should your business spend the time and effort creating a weekly or monthly webinar or podcast? After all, it will require some business hours, planning and effort. We’ve got five fantastic reasons why it will all be worth it — and there’s more!

Builds a social media following

Building a following on social media can be tough, especially when you’re competing with pets acting weird and many creative videos. But posting a webinar or podcast to your social media accounts may be a novel way to build your social media following.

Because social media posts can be shared so easily, they could be an opportunity for current clients to share your business within their own groups and communities. This grows your following but can help to attract more leads as well.

Increase repeated website visitors

Posting a webinar or podcast to your social media channels is likely to increase clicks to your website, especially if the content you’re producing is of quality. However, you could also upload the latest episodes to your website directly. Those that consume the content from your website will keep returning to watch or listen to the latest episode. This creates a trend of return website visitors and is good for your overall SEO performance.

Another option is to upload episodes to the common podcast platforms. You can then insert CTAs for listeners to check out your website or services.

Enhances your brand

Many brands suffer from a lacking human connection. The business’s target market sees a professional and glossy brand but doesn’t see the people behind the brand. A webinar or ( video) podcast allows the business to reveal their face, hear their voices and most importantly get to know the personalities within the business.

All of this provides an opportunity to enhance your branding and connect with potential leads in a meaningful way. It could even convert colder leads to hot leads.

Position yourself as an authority

These mediums also provide scope for the business to position itself as an authority and trusted voice on relevant subjects. For example, a mortgage broker may release a podcast to discuss the government’s new 5% deposit equity loan scheme for first-time buyers.

This will show potential first-time buyers that the business knows the details of the scheme and who it could and could not help. It builds confidence in the mortgage broker team and could encourage the listener to make contact and discuss their circumstances.

Provide value to your clients

Tying in with the above, the ability to position yourself as an authority on relevant subjects allows the business to provide additional value to clients. You could even make your webinars or podcasts exclusively available to current clients rather than the general public. This would be an extra for your clients and may make them feel part of your community rather than just another client.

Recap: Making a business website and podcast could be an innovative way to stand out from the competition. These weekly or monthly uploads could help to increase social media following, supercharge website visitors, enhance your brand and position your business as an authoritative voice in your field, which grows confidence among leads and encourages enquiries. They could even be used as a way to exclusively provide added value to existing clients.

P.S. WEBPRO can assist in editing and uploading your webinar and podcast episodes. Speak to us to find out more!



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