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What’s website hosting? Do I need it?

Website hosting is usually a mysterious topic to those outside of web development. Even people paying for hosting services already may not be fully aware of what it really is and what it does. We provide a simple explanation of website hosting before discussing our hosting services.

For a more personal discussion about hosting with no obligations to use our service, why not speak with the WEBPRO team today?

What is website hosting?

Website hosting is a service that enables your website to be accessible on the internet. All the different parts of your website — such as images and videos — need to be stored (or hosted!) somewhere to be available on the world wide web.

You might want to think of website hosting as renting an apartment (a server) to store your furniture (your website). Without the apartment, your friends and family (your website visitors) wouldn’t be able to come round and sit on your sofa for a chat.

The servers are like computers that can connect to all other internet users around the world. They don’t just store your website data and content, but they also make it possible from one user’s computer to connect to the server and use your website.

Shared hosting vs dedicated hosting

Website hosting comes with two main options. You can either use a shared hosting service or an individual dedicated hosting service. Get prepared for another couple of analogies to help you unpick the differences…

A shared website hosting service is a server that stores your website along with lots of other websites at the same time. On the other hand, a dedicated hosting service is a server — or multiple servers — that are only used to host your website and provide greater customisation. The former would be like renting a hit desk in an open-plan co-working office. And the latter would be like renting an office just for your business, where you can move the furniture and make it your own.

Do I need shared or dedicated hosting?

A shared hosting service is the default option and will be suitable for most business websites. If you have a small-to-medium-sized website or a large but simple website, you’ll probably be just fine using a shared server to host your website. Dedicated hosting is only usually required for medium-to-large website designs that are complex or with lots of features. As you will expect, having a dedicated server is the more expensive option.

Our WEBPRO experts can advise you on the best hosting service for your website. We can discuss this from the very start of your web design project so you never have any unforeseen expenses.

Hosting services from WEBPRO

WEBPRO offers a single hosting service but the terms of that service differ between clients based on what service they have purchased. We are 100% transparent on how our hosting service works for all (prospective) clients.

Clients who have chosen one of our semi-bespoke website templates receive our secure hosting service within their monthly package. If we have built you a bespoke website, your hosting service will come at an additional cost to your bespoke web design service.

Clients who did not get their website designed and built by our team can also use our hosting service. We receive lots of enquiries from people who had a website built elsewhere but want to migrate their website to WEBPRO to take advantage of our hosting service. We can provide a hosting-only service at a cost.

Contact WEBPRO to discuss hosting support

WEBPRO welcomes everyone to pick up the phone or drop us a message to discuss hosting services. Whether we made your website or it was made by someone else, you can unlock secure and ongoing hosting services from us.

Recap: Website hosting is using a server to store the content of your website and to connect this content to the internet. Without website hosting your website cannot be accessed. WEBPRO offers shared hosting services and can even help when you require independent dedicated website hosting.

P.S. Our hosting services are absolutely secure, but we can offer additional website security services if required.



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