How can I engage website visitors?

They’re here — but are they buying?

Getting eyeballs on your website is no easy feat. First, you need a well-designed professional website that works across devices. Next, you need to add SEO content that scores you points with the folks at Google. And you probably need a dash of digital marketing to generate more attention.

It can be a lot of work to own a website that receives a high volume of daily traffic, but unfortunately, that’s only step one. Getting people to visit your site doesn’t guarantee the website will engage them or cause them to make a purchase.

So, how can you engage website visitors?

Video content isn’t an option

The types of videos you should be considering are explainer videos that explain your products or services. And try to include videos that pull back the curtain on your brand, maybe introducing specific staff members or the company headquarters. If you want help with professional video content creation, give WEBPRO a call.

Professional images and slideshows

You shouldn’t be using self-taken images on your staff profile or about us pages. Instead, choose a professional photographer to take these headshots and site images. There’s nothing worse than seeing a team made up of at-home selfies.

And you may want to include image sliders with promotional text on your home page as a way of showcasing your main services. These get the message across in a visual way, but because they are set to move, they add animation to your web pages too.

Live feeds

You can pull your latest status updates and broadcasts direct from social media and onto your site. This keeps your site fresh and website visitors intrigued about what’s going on with your company.

Personalised interaction

If you want a financial calculator or have a bespoke request, don’t hesitate to contact the WEBPRO team to discuss your requirements.

Reducing a fast bounce rate

WEBPRO’s websites are made for use across all devices and are constantly updated, so our clients shouldn’t experience these problems.

Recap: Building a house isn’t the end of the job. You still need to add the furniture and décor to make it a home. The same logic should be applied to building a website. You need to add specific engaging content to make it go from a website to an online selling machine. This can be achieved with video content, professional images, image slideshows and personalised tools that create unique website experiences. Your website will also need to load quickly and work across all devices.

P.S. WEBPRO offers all the services listed in this newsletter. If you need video content creation, image slideshows or anything else to make your site more engaging — reach out!

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