How to achieve website accessibility

Is accessibility costing you sales?

What is website accessibility?

Website accessibility is ensuring that everyone who wants to visit and use your website can do so without great difficulty. This means developing a website that accommodates people with disabilities and even accommodating as many people as possible without excellent internet speeds. Some websites might need to be accessible to abide by legislation.

Why is website accessibility important?

Website accessibility is important for both internet users and the business. The person using the internet will benefit from an accessible website because they’ll be able to use your it to access information and make purchases just like anyone else without a disability. Simultaneously, this is important to the business because it allows their website to reach more eyeballs and penetrate more of the available market.

Benefits to your brand

Choosing to ensure your website is accessible doesn’t just have the potential to improve sales figures and profit totals. It also benefits your business brand and makes people want to use your business over a competitor.

How to achieve website accessibility

Here are some ways to make a website more accessible, but it’s far from exhaustive:

  1. Use colour with consideration
  2. Opt for an accessibility-minded CMS
  3. Make content accessible with just a keyboard
  4. Use alt text for images
  5. Make your website available in different languages

Website accessibility audit and services

WEBPRO offers services to help identify where your website accessibility is lacking and then suggest ways to make improvements. If you would like an introductory chat about your website accessibility and possible solutions, why not get in touch now? Our friendly team will be happy to discuss the details over the phone or via email, with no obligations for you to use our services.



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