How to create content that adds value

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Content is comparatively easy to produce, anything written can be put on your site. However, there is a big difference between content and content that adds value. Of course, content doesn’t just cover the written word. Images, videos and anything else you put on your website is content. Even the theme you choose can impact someone’s decision to stay on your page.

Great content will encourage visitors to stay, find out more about what you have to offer and perhaps even get in touch.

It’s not just your visitors that are interested in your content. Google and the other search engines also want to see content that adds value. It will help you appear higher in the search results. That’s vital if you want potential clients to find you.

What is content that adds value?

In a nutshell, content that adds value is anything you post on your website which answers a question. Specifically, visitors must want to know the answer. This type of content is valuable, or useful, to your website visitors. The fact that the content is informative will build credibility with the search engines, helping your rankings.

However, there are 1.13 billion websites in the world and over 200 million of these are active, with each one likely to have multiple pages. Simply answering a question will give you content very similar to other websites. For your content to add real value, it needs to stand out to visitors and to Google. It needs to offer something unique.

Choosing content topics

To create genuine value-adding content you need to cover the right topics. This generally means finding out what people are searching for by either looking for the key phrases which your audience are using or researching the latest industry trends. You’ll then be able to identify what your audience is looking for and the questions they are asking so you can look to create content that answers them.

It’s also important to consider what type of content you are looking to create. Guides tend to be more general and longer form whereas blog posts should be much shorter and look at a more granular element of a wider topic. Complex topics may be best explained using an infographic or video rather than long blocks of text.

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Tips for creating content that is valuable

Before even thinking about how to add value to your content, you need to know how to make it engaging. Copywriting is a skill and if it’s one you don’t have, you need to outsource otherwise your efforts will be wasted.

Once you have the skill taken care of, it’s about adding value to the visitor. The most important thing is to make sure that the question being asked is answered in a clear and concise manner, without waffle. People are busy and they want an answer to their question as quickly as possible.

To add value to search engines, you need to add key phrases to your content in way that is natural and doesn’t impact on the flow of the writing. This in turn will add value to visitors as they will be more likely to find your content that answers their questions.

Recap: Content that adds value can be created in many forms but it must show your audience and the search engines that you know your area of expertise and that you are the one to go to for answers to their questions. Conversions are a side-effect of creating content that adds value but offering high-quality information for free to your audience should always be the main aim when generating content.


An impressive 81% of adults go online daily. Some of them are asking questions that you can answer and, if you don’t, your competitors will.

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