How to own a profitable website (A case study!)

“If you want to invest time and money, you’ll get more in the long run.”

It can be difficult to look beyond the initial costs of web design and related branding or marketing services. But continuing to put money into a website is what makes it profitable. Launching a newly polished site and just watching on will only leave you disappointed. You should consider your business website as an investment rather than just another business expense. The best websites cost money, but with ongoing marketing, they can easily pay back your investment and much, much more.

To back up these claims and to give you confidence, we’ve sat down and chatted with one of our long-term clients at Euxton Mortgage Market. Read on to uncover a first-hand account of what working with us is like — and what it takes to own a website that keeps generating leads and making money.

What is Euxton Mortgage Market?

Euxton Mortgage Market is a UK financial services business, providing mortgage and insurance advice to a range of clients. And they’re one of our long-standing and successful clients here at WEBPRO.

Euxton is owned by Adrian, a mortgage professional with bags of experience. He decided to set up his own business in 2015 and we’ve worked closely with Adrian from the start of his journey. Over the many years we’ve partnered together, he has used nearly all of our services at one time or another. But most importantly, he owns a website that continues to provide a strong return on his initial and ongoing investment.

Why Adrian chose WEBRPO

Adrian states that he chose WEBPRO for many reasons, but one of the key reasons was the length and breadth of services we offer. From web design and branding to SEO and other forms of digital marketing, all bases are covered. Instead of having to get quotes from different web designers, branding professionals and marketers, everything was made easy and accessible under one roof. It allowed him to recognise how all these pieces of the jigsaw would fit together by posing questions to our team.

Adrian invested in some of our branding services during the web design phase. Recalling the experience, he states that this was a good decision because:

“If you’re spending a lot of time on something, there’s no point cutting corners on your brand”

It’s beneficial to iron out your branding before getting your website built, as this prevents having to go back and make adjustments. Using professional branders is always highly recommended due to the importance of a consistent and suitable brand identity.

Seeing the bigger picture

Adrian put in a lot of effort and time at the very start of the project, describing himself as “a sponge” wanting to absorb as much information as possible. Yet, Adrian recognised rather independently that his website wouldn’t be what he hoped it would be without marketing, especially when his early business model would be heavily reliant on his web presence. His advice to anyone else thinking about a website is:

“If you want to invest time and money, you’ll get more in the long run.”

Even today he says he still hasn’t stopped putting the same effort and investment into his website out of concern his business will stand still or fall behind his competitors. The fact that Adrian still strives for the same level of website investment today tells us that it’s working and he must be continually seeing returns in terms of visitors, enquiries and clients.

Trusting organic website investments

Adrian pinpoints his website’s ongoing success on his preference for organic website investments over non-organic investments. He estimates that he spends around 75% of his annual marketing budget on making his website attract leads organically and just 25% on non-organic means like social media marketing.

“I’d rather have the best organic presence over an artificial presence”

Adrian has managed to overcome what a lot of new businesses don’t. Organic investments don’t produce immediate results, or as Adrian put it, they’re a “slow burn”. When you start spending money on organic services, you don’t see an increase in visitors or enquiries in the following days, weeks or even months. Many businesses can find it difficult to keep investing in these services without seeing immediate or exact results, so they give up early.

However, Euxton Mortgage Market is proof that it works to be patient and keep investing. Adrian believes he could turn the tap off on his non-organic investments and still own a highly profitable website thanks to his long-term commitment to prioritising his organic website performance.

Continuing the journey

Adrian continues to be one of our most active clients, and we’re thrilled to see him reap the rewards. Next on the agenda is upgrading his current semi-bespoke website template into a fully bespoke creation. He has owned his template website for many years, and it probably wouldn’t have remained as competitive in his industry if it wasn’t for his ongoing dedication to keeping it current and marketing it effectively.

Recap: Getting a website made and generating new leads each month is possible. But it takes more than just a website. You must invest in organic website services and marketing campaigns to see continual results. This will transform your website from a business expense to a profitable investment. Adrian at Euxton Mortgage Market recognised this early on and has been experiencing stellar results for a long time. The journey is made even easier by accessing web design, branding and marketing services under one roof here at WEBPRO.

P.S. You don’t have to invest in our marketing services straight away, but we’re always ready when you are!



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