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3 min readOct 10, 2023


The client journey refers to the complete client journey from the moment they first interact with your business to the time they complete a purchase and then how they experience aftercare.

It includes any touchpoints that occur in between, such as exposure to marketing strategies, website visits, checking your online reviews on Google My Business, checking social media, communicating with staff and more.

During these touchpoints, the consumer is in a process of information gathering which will inform whether they take further action or not. Naturally, the client journey experience can be significantly different between consumers, even when purchasing from the same business.

Why does the client journey matter?

The simple answer is that the client journey matters because it will either cause the lead to make a purchase or not. In other words, your clients’ journey needs to be carefully considered and refined so that you increase conversion rates.

If your client journey is inconvenient, unimpressive or confusing for the lead, it’s likely that the leads you have generated won’t take further action, which means you might not be getting the most out of your marketing investments.

How to improve your website client journey

Your website is just one part of the client journey, and it will be a step within most client journeys because your website is considered the digital shop front of your business. This makes your website so important to get right. So, how do you do that?

You can enhance the client journey within your website by creating a website that prioritises the experience of the website visitor, which the best website designers always do. This means creating easy navigation, a clear hierarchical structure, useful links and relevant website content.

When the website has been designed with the user at the heart of decisions, it becomes easy for them to gather the information they’re there to collect. Additionally, the website needs to load quickly, work across devices and function without other issues which could cause frustration and increase bounce rates.

How to improve the wider client journey experience

Your client journey experience could be harmed by touchpoints outside of your website. It is anticipated that around 90% of consumers search for online third-party reviews before making a purchasing decision. Thus, it’s important to encourage positive reviews from previous customers and respond to negative reviews in a positive way. Moreover, a high percentage of leads may check your social media to verify you’re a legitimate business, so you may want to put more effort into social media engagement. And build a following.

Opening communication channels is another important part of a client journey, which can be relevant at all stages from pre-purchase to post-purchase aftercare. It’s important to note that many people don’t prefer to pick up the phone for the first contact, so it’s ideal to cater to multiple communication preferences, which may include more innovative options like live website chat.

How can WEBPRO improve client experiences?

Our creative agency can serve clients in several ways that assist with improving their prospective customers’ journey and experience. We offer semi-bespoke website design packages and 100% bespoke web development. Both types of services put the users’ needs at the heart of every design decision. Additionally, we can help with Google My Business, social media accounts and alternative communication solutions, such as live chat and eMarketing.

Recap: The client journey encompasses every stage of a customer’s interaction with a business, from initial engagement to post-purchase aftercare experiences. It involves various touchpoints like marketing exposure, website visits, reviews, staff communication and social media interactions. A well-structured journey enhances conversion rates, meaning a carefully considered website is crucial. Effective web design prioritises user experience through navigation, content, and speed. Beyond the website, positive reviews, engaging social media presence and diverse communication channels play pivotal roles in refining the overall client journey.


Google My Business is one of the best ways to encourage reviews and provide contact information at the same time.




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