Is your brand working hard for your business?

A strong brand has so many benefits, and could impact your bottom line

When it comes to branding people tend to just think about logos, but your brand is so much more than just the visual look. A strong brand is delivered through every aspect of the business, it’s memorable and tells the potential client something about you.

Does your business have a strong brand? Here at WEBPRO we can create a bold new brand that offers you a number of different benefits…

When you have a strong brand it creates recognition among your clients. Recognition is powerful as it allows your clients to recall your business exactly when they need it. If you’re working in a saturated market, then a clear and bold brand can really help you rise head and shoulders above your competition. We offer a complete branding packaging from strategy and design through to advertising and marketing.

Research shows that 89% of people stay loyal to brands that share their values. If you can effectively communicate the values that underpin your business, whether that’s through a strapline, business card or website, then your client starts to feel invested in your story. You can communicate values such as honesty, professionalism or integrity in so many ways, such as through tone of voice, colours and photography. Here at WEBPRO our creative team find solutions to help your brand get in front of the people you want to reach.

When your brand is delivered through every interaction your client has with your business, it gives them the impression that you are an organisation to be taken seriously. This helps you justify your costs. Imagine a quote arrives in a branded pack, compared to a simple, typed up Word document. Potential clients realise your attention to detail at every stage of the process and the expectation will be work of a higher quality, with an expected higher price.

It’s not just clients that feel more confident when you have a strong brand, you’ll feel more confident too. You’ll feel clearer about your business proposition and find it’s easier to introduce new products and services in line with your values. If you’re a relatively new business it will really help take you to that next level. We’re proud to say we’ve helped many start-up businesses succeed through effective strategies and compelling creative.

Once you have recognition in the marketplace then you suddenly become more appealing to new talent! This is so important if you’re operating in a competitive market and trying to attract the best people. A great brand tells them what your business stands for and builds their confidence, making them more likely to apply and accept any offer you make.

At WEBPRO we are a full service creative agency made up of individuals who have reimagined brands for clients in a range of industries. Whether you’re looking for a logo design, stationery items or a full branding package, we’re here to help you take your business to the next level.

PS: Did you know that a client is more likely to buy from a brand they recognise? It’s not just a benefit for big brands, it pays to be recognisable in your own niche industry, too.




Notoriously knowledgable, intuitive & talented web professionals who’ve got all your online marketing needs covered. Web design & development… and much more.

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Notoriously knowledgable, intuitive & talented web professionals who’ve got all your online marketing needs covered. Web design & development… and much more.

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