Offline marketing in 2022

Online and offline marketing that works together!

Social media marketing and Google Ads are highly sophisticated marketing strategies that allow businesses to penetrate their ideal target audience amidst scores of internet users. Most businesses have switched to these methods and abandoned any offline marketing. But is this a smart decision? Offline marketing could become even more essential in a society that feels disconnected.

What is offline marketing?

Offline marketing is any method of marketing that doesn’t primarily involve the internet. We say “primarily” because there are some modern offline marketing methods that do link to the online world and redirect the prospective lead online. More on this later.

The most common examples of offline marketing include:

  • Leaflets handed out in specific areas of towns and cities
  • Posters and billboards
  • Telemarketing
  • Radio adverts
  • Mail sent to a physical address (usually existing clients)
  • Live demonstrations (usually at conferences, exhibitions or similar events)
  • Staff uniforms, umbrellas, bags, pens, etc.

Is offline marketing outdated?

You could easily be fooled into thinking that offline marketing has died a slow death. But it’s not true. Some offline marketing techniques are arguably no longer as effective, such as cold calling, but on the whole, it’s as alive as ever.

There has been a switch to many businesses using digital marketing strategies only, which have served them well. Digital marketing is exceptionally successful because it can be highly targeted. Business owners know that these methods will zone in on people who are the most likely to buy their product or service. But that doesn’t mean 100% of your marketing budget should be focused online. There are reasons to keep using offline marketing in 2022 and beyond, such as:

  1. Offline marketing adds a personable touch that online marketing struggles to provide. Speaking directly with someone may provide more value and make the lead feel more connected to the brand
  2. Offline marketing repeats itself. When you hand a flyer to someone, they may see it again when they empty their pockets before doing the washing. Or their housemate may see it on the kitchen table a few days later. Offline marketing touches more people than you first realise
  3. Offline marketing can still be highly targeted. You can leave posters or hand out flyers in specific regions of towns where your target market is more likely to be. And if you have staff handing them out, they can pick and choose people based on gender, age, etc. if applicable

Connect your online and offline marketing

As mentioned at the start of our post, online and offline marketing strategies don’t need to be separate anymore. Thanks to inventions like QR codes, or simply adding web addresses to leaflets and other offline marketing materials, you can connect both of these strands of marketing. Someone could see a poster and use a QR code on it to be directed to a specific page on your website or maybe even a landing page. Everything drives traffic back to your website increasing the functionality and the effectiveness of each marketing method.

How to choose an offline marketing strategy

So, how do you know what offline marketing methods to use? There is no simple answer to this question which will apply to all businesses. Just like digital marketing strategies, the offline strategy you choose should be based on your business and its objectives. It may also hinge on the type of product or service you’re trying to promote, your target audience and even the industry you’re in.

Offline marketing services at WEBPRO

WEBPRO provides a range of services to help with your offline marketing strategies. Our talented graphic designers can create high-quality leaflets, billboards and posters, including QR codes. We offer a stationery service to add your branding and website to office pens, umbrellas and much more. And we can create professional letterheads for any direct mail campaigns sent to existing clients.

Recap: Offline marketing still has a place in the business world. Some offline marketing methods can be more personal than online methods, which can help build trust among both potential and existing clients. Offline marketing is also highly repetitive and more targeted than most people realise. Modern offline marketing can also provide links and QR codes to redirect leads back to the business website, increasing brand awareness and conversion.

P.S. WEBPRO also provides online marketing services, such as social media advertising and Google Ads campaigns.



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