The best colours to use on your logo

3 min readMay 10, 2022


What colour should your logo be?

What are the best colours to use on your logo? This question has been asked countless times by business owners and start-ups. The answer actually lies in psychology and what industry your business works in. We recap on the importance of logos before discussing how to choose the right logo colour. For your business.

Why is a logo important?

Your business logo is usually visible across all of your products, documents, emails, website and office stationery — and it’s probably more important than you realise. A logo’s importance can easily be overlooked, especially when a business and brand is being formed and seemingly more urgent matters need to be dealt with.

Some of the reasons it is so important are:

  • It often provides the first impression
  • It can be an attention seeker
  • The best logos are memorable
  • It can foster brand loyalty
  • Your target market expects it
  • It can have psychological effects on consumers (more on this later!)

What’s included in a professional logo design service?

The best logo design services offered by branding experts start with a consultation. This doesn’t just mean a quick call or a few emails back and forth. It means a sit down or remote chat about your business, its values and the type of message you want your logo to give off, considering it is the gateway to your brand.

After the consultation, the branding and graphic design team comes together to do relevant industry research and then create some initial in-house concepts. These will be debated and enhanced before being sent to the client for feedback. The client’s feedback will usually favour one of the initial concepts but ask for tweaks. The graphic designer will brainstorm solutions to make the requested changes.

Industry and logo colour

Most industries tend to favour specific colours when creating a logo. Researchers in 2012 found a strong correlation between an industry and the colour of its logos. For example, these academics uncovered that most businesses working in the retail or food and beverage sector would use a red logo, while blue was more popular in tech and pharmaceuticals. Choosing a colour against your industry trend might make you stand out — but it could be for the wrong reasons.

Psychology and logo colour

One of the biggest mistakes in logo design is deciding on a colour without good reason. The colour of your logo can have significant psychological effects on consumers and subconsciously change how they feel about your brand.

Therefore, your logo colour should only be chosen based on research and an understanding of how colours make us feel. Luckily, you won’t need to dig out a psychology textbook because the best logo designers already know their stuff. Ask them for help when trying to pick a logo colour.

To give you an example of how colour plays a role in logo psychology, think of all the logos from businesses in the technology and finance sector, as well as Fortune 500 companies. How many of those logos used the colour blue? Facebook, PayPal, HP, Skype, IBM, Visa, Dell, Intel are all examples of tech companies with blue logos.

This isn’t just a coincidence. The colour blue can have psychological effects that build trust and loyalty in those businesses, which is especially important when dealing with our finances and big tech purchases.

Rebranding services at WEBPRO

Whether you need a full rebrand or just want to update your logo, the WEBPRO graphics team are ready to help you. Speak with our friendly team to discuss your logo aspirations soon.

Recap: Choosing a logo colour can be made simple by following the trends in your industry. Most industries have a single dominant colour and can make your logo colour choice easier. However, you should also pay attention to colour psychology to make your logo colour match your values and message. A professional logo designer will be able to help you make the right choice.

P.S Choosing to completely rebrand may be more effective than simply changing your logo, especially if your new logo changes colour!




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