The costs of using an agency vs independent professionals

Pay more to earn more!

We get it — your business cannot frivolously throw money at creative services. But that doesn’t mean you should let cost get in the way of high-quality work that makes your business or website more profitable. Today’s newsletter will dive into the sensitive subject of service costs by comparing creative agencies with independent professionals.

If you already recognise the importance of quality for increased return of investment, why not skip to the part where you call our team? We have web designers, graphic designers, digital marketers and plenty of other creative experts ready to talk about your business — all under one roof.

Agency vs independent professional

A creative agency, like us here at WEBPRO, is made up of different professionals each specialising in certain niches. For example, within WEBPRO, we have in-house web developers, marketing experts, graphic designers and other talented people. An individual freelancer is a single person who usually offers expertise in one or two areas, or occasionally attempts to be a “jack of all trades”.

Why you should use an agency

You might think we’re biased, but we believe serious businesses should choose to work with a creative agency over a sole freelancer. We’re not saying that there aren’t any amazing freelancers out there doing great work — there certainly are! But we think using an agency is always the wise choice for several reasons, including:

  1. Creative agencies allow different professionals to join forces on a project, which can provide better end results and less hassle as everyone is available under one roof, usually under a single project manager
  2. If a freelancer is sick or has to take time off work, your project can be seriously delayed. On the contrary, an agency team can keep on going when someone isn’t able to work on your project
  3. It’s easier to get all your services from one place, and doing so may unlock discounts and loyalty promotions
  4. Agencies are usually more accountable to their output and have a business with online reviews. This is not always the case with freelancers who can easily hide their bad work and dissatisfied clients

That being said, you should watch out for individual freelancers posing as an agency. There are cases where this happens and the freelancer simply “farms out” your project to another freelancer and pays them slightly less than what you’re paying, which means you’re not receiving the quality service that your money deserves.

Why are agencies often more expensive?

The service fees from a competent freelance web designer and a creative web design agency may be comparable. Yet, there are likely to be a lot of cheaper freelancers around than creative agencies. You might be tempted to save a little and use one of these cheaper services instead. But this is not advised.

Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t do this have already been listed above. But the biggest reason not to let money be the deciding factor is quality. There is no way to cut corners in website design, online marketing, SEO, etc. So, any time you try to use a cheap service, you should expect lower quality output and less ROI.

If you use a freelancer from a freelancing platform like Fiver or People Per Hour, you’re also being charged by the worker to cover the fees and commission taken by the website. And so you might not be paying for the amount of time spent on a project that you assume.

We correct independent professionals’ work

Our team are often contacted by website and business owners asking if we can take over a project that was started by an independent web designer or marketing expert. Of course, we’re happy to help.

Sometimes we have to start from scratch because the work completed by the independent worker does not meet our high standards. Unfortunately, the client loses money by paying the independent professional and getting no further forward. Choosing the slightly cheaper option can easily become the more expensive option — and not just the least profitable.

All your creative services from WEBPRO

WEBPRO is just a call or message away to discuss any creative service you need. We offer a wide selection of services from web design and online marketing to SEO and videography. Our diverse team of experienced professionals even welcome bespoke project requests.

Recap: There are many reasons why choosing a creative agency trumps using independent professionals. Try not to let cost veer you away from an agency of diverse professionals when the returns on your investment can be so much more. WEBPRO is one creative agency that is committed to high-quality services and remains accountable in the public domain.

P.S. Remember to keep an eye out for “fake agencies” run by freelancers sending work to other freelancers!



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