Website security updates explained

3 min readOct 24, 2023


A website gets built and updated using a Content Management System (CMS). There are different options when choosing a CMS to build your website, and you’ll probably know quite a lot of the options out there. For example, you could build a website with WordPress, Drupal or Magento. But no matter which platform you choose, it will require ongoing security updates. This is to ensure the website is functional and safe for those who visit it.

Each CMS will release and promote security updates to their users as and when they are required. Security updates often address issues with the software which could be prone to hackers. However, when an update is required, it’s best to engage the services of a professional web developer. Trying to make updates yourself could cause further problems and issues with the functionality of your website.

Why are security updates important?

When a security update is required, this information is usually relayed through a press release from the company that owns the CMS. However, you’re usually notified when logging in to your CMS as well. The best web design agencies will keep their finger on the pulse of these updates for the benefit of their existing clients. But there is a downside to broadcasting a security update is needed. These updates are read by hackers, which means they become aware of when websites may be more vulnerable and exploit issues. It is for this reason that any security update must be executed as soon as possible.

If your website is targeted by hackers due to missed security updates, it can be difficult to set right. On some occasions, it is better to start afresh and build a new website altogether. If any personal data is stolen as part of the hack, your business could have breached legislation and have its reputation irreversibly damaged.

How much does it cost for website security updates?

Most CMSs will require updating each month. Thus, you’ll need to pay a website developer an hourly rate to execute any updates every time a new update is available. Some updates can cause complexities with existing website plugins and functionality, which means some updates won’t be completed within an hour. As you can probably imagine, these costs will soon add up over the course of a year and, although they’re tax deductible for business owners, they can be avoided…

Make website security more affordable

You can make ongoing website security updates more affordable by subscribing to a website support package for a fixed monthly fee. These packages are usually available from website development companies and are typically offered at the time of the website’s creation. However, you may still be able to subscribe to a website support package from a web development company that didn’t create your website. A website support service will usually extend to other services that can save you time, such as free website content updates. As part of the service, your needs are likely to be prioritised over other clients who only require ad-hoc work.

WEBPRO’s ongoing support package

WEBPRO offers website support subscriptions whereby clients enrol into an ongoing monthly service. In exchange for a monthly fee, all your security updates and website content updates are included, which has the potential to save you over the long term. These packages are available to existing customers and clients who have a website built elsewhere. Speak to us for more information.

Recap: CMS platforms release security updates to address vulnerabilities susceptible to hacking. Professional web developers are recommended for implementing updates to avoid complications. Hackers monitor update announcements, emphasising the need for timely execution. Neglecting updates can lead to severe consequences, including data and legislation breaches. Affordable website security can be achieved through subscription-based support packages offered by web development companies, covering updates and other services. This can be more cost-effective than using ad-hoc services each time an update is required.


Those who subscribe to website support packages usually get access to web developers before ad-hoc requests so you save time as well!




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