What are bespoke websites and are they worth it?

Gain a competitive edge with a 100% bespoke site

‘Bespoke website’ is a term that gets banded around quite easily among web design agencies. Sometimes clients believe they are getting a bespoke website when they are really just getting an “off-the-shelf” template website with some personalisation. At WEBPRO, we believe semantics matter and a bespoke website should really be 100% unique.

Keep reading to learn more about bespoke websites, or give our friendly team a call to discuss your website vision.

What is a bespoke website?

A bespoke website is a website that has been created from scratch with no pre-made templates or out-of-the-box designs. The website is designed by a web designer and then it is developed by a web developer who writes code to create most aspects of the website. It will be completely tailored to the client’s website needs and preferences.

This is opposed to using pre-made website templates using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or through a company like Wix. These options can offer some degree of personalisation, however there are often restrictions and it is often a difficult process without some web development knowledge and experience.

You can compare bespoke and template websites to making a cake. With a bespoke website, the baker makes the cake by making each individual element of the cake themselves using an array of ingredients. But in regards to a template website, the baker receives a pre-baked cake and just needs to decorate it in the way the client requires.

If you’re not feeling too hungry, let’s move on to the benefits of bespoke websites…

What are the benefits of bespoke websites?

The benefits of choosing a bespoke website over a template website are:

  1. The website can match your exact vision, which is not always possible with a template website
  2. By creating a stand-out and unique website, you are in a better position to attract more leads, increase your conversion rate and grow your business
  3. Bespoke websites can easily be adapted by your developer, which enables them to change as your business grows. The level of scalability on template websites can be restricted, or even sometimes non-existent
  4. Unique features and software added to a bespoke website can provide a competitive edge within your industry

How much do bespoke websites cost?

On average, bespoke website design services can cost anywhere from £3,000 to £10,000+ depending on the size and functionality of the website. Global brands tend to spend a lot more, and some bespoke government websites around the world have cost millions to create.

The standard figure does not include any annual subscriptions such as for a domain name, hosting, support or an SSL certificate. And it doesn’t include any ongoing costs, such as SEO services and updating website functionality, which might be required after a couple of years depending on advances in technology and changes in your specific industry. However, these additional costs are all likely to be incurred by template websites too.

Are bespoke websites worth the money?

Bespoke websites can appear expensive compared to the costs of a template which some people think they can do themselves. Without comparing the two, the price of a bespoke website is usually worth the money because you are paying for highly-skilled developers to spend many hours working on your website. From this point of view, the costs of a bespoke website are certainly worth it.

Whether it is or isn’t worth the extra money to your specific business will depend on the type of website you are trying to create, planned scalability and business finances. Ultimately, cost-effectiveness should be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Our team can help you decide on a template or bespoke website with absolutely no unnecessary upselling.

Where can I get a bespoke website?

WEBPRO offers web design services to suit all business requirements and needs. Whether you want a unique bespoke website or a semi-bespoke template website, our talented web developers can assist. We start every website journey with a consultation, so get in touch to discuss your vision now!

Recap: A bespoke website is a website that gets made without any pre-developed website templates. They take time and skill to create and rightfully cost more to own. Owning a bespoke website can provide long-term commercial benefits and make it easy to develop your site as your business grows. They may not be worthwhile for some businesses. A professional web developer can help you decide if you need a bespoke website or not.

P.S. If you decide you don’t need a bespoke website, WEBPRO also provides template web design services with exceptional levels of customisation.




Notoriously knowledgable, intuitive & talented web professionals who’ve got all your online marketing needs covered. Web design & development… and much more.

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Notoriously knowledgable, intuitive & talented web professionals who’ve got all your online marketing needs covered. Web design & development… and much more.

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