What is an SEO keyphrase?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a branch of online marketing that aims to increase your number of website visitors. SEO can be dissected into several specialist areas whereby various skills and techniques are used to make a website more favourable to Google (or other search engines).

To understand SEO correctly, we first need to know about Google ranking. Google ranks web pages on its Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) based on several factors that aren’t always disclosed. However, we do know that a webpage will rank higher when it is considered informative, trustworthy, valuable and relevant to the user’s search term. When a web page is considered highly valuable, Google will rank it higher than other web pages, which ultimately means more people will click on it.

SEO services can be applied to websites in the back end and on the front end, such as on-page SEO. Some SEO techniques are quite straightforward, such as having a website that functions across different devices and is quick to load. Other SEO services will focus on the things you see on the website pages, such as adding SEO key phrases.

So, what is an SEO keyphrase?

An SEO keyphrase is a word or several words that are frequently searched online. As a rule, the idea is that if many prospective clients are searching for the same phrases to find products or services in a specific industry — or a geographical area — then those phrases become of higher value and should be incorporated into the written text of your web pages.

In other words, you need to speak like your target market speaks online. By adding content that reflects the most popular search terms relevant to your business, you are increasing your relevancy which will be rewarded by Google within rankings. It should be said that SEO key phrases contribute to a better ranking but may not secure a better ranking on their own — which is the same for most SEO services.

But, how do you find out which phrases are being searched most often by your specific target market and how do you decide which ones to use? There are many ways to do this but the most reliable method is to use the services of an SEO expert who provides SEO audits and SEO keyword research services. Getting this right can be highly beneficial because so much of your SEO success can hinge on selecting the correct SEO key phrases.

What are SEO content writing services?

SEO content writing services incorporate your SEO keyphrase research strategically into the creation of website content. These services are normally provided in conjunction with SEO keyphrase research.

SEO content writing involves the creation of branded and often sales-driven content while including SEO key phrases naturally. It can be challenging, especially if you need your content to sound professional but the best SEO key phrases are not grammatically correct.

SEO content writing includes other techniques too, such as using related terms and phrases. This enhances the SEO footprint of the content and is also beneficial when trying to be recognised by Google.

WEBPRO now offers SEO keyphrase research services to inform your website content and maximise its selling potential. Get in touch to learn more!

When to use SEO content writing services

One way SEO content writing services are most beneficial is when you want to increase the number of website visitors through website content, such as service pages or your home page. However, SEO content writing can also be highly beneficial in blog writing and marketing campaign text, such as on the landing pages of Google Ad campaigns. Speak to our team to learn more about these services.

Recap: SEO services are used to meet the expectations of search engines, which result in a higher ranking (or indexing) of website pages. This means more people are likely to see your web pages when they search relevant terms and ultimately means more clicks and chances to convert into sales. SEO key phrases are the words and phrases your target market is searching most often to find related products and services. These SEO key phrases can be used within content writing services to make the website content appear in search engine results.


Less than 0.1% of people will click on the second page of a SERP which means you need to be on the first page to attract website visitors.

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